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Home - News - A wireless future? Reasonance shows off its cordless TV at CES 2021

A wireless future? Reasonance shows off its cordless TV at CES 2021

March 24, 2022

Forward-looking: One of the many things CES 2021 has shown is just how fast TV technology is advancing, but these televisions still need to be plugged into an outlet. However, one company says it has the world's first "truly wireless TV;" no power cords required.

The wireless TV Reasonance took to CES 2021 is still a prototype, though it could offer a glimpse of a future where more devices are powered wirelessly without needing to touch charging stations physically.

The 40-inch television gets its power using "advanced magnetic resonance," which is based on classic magnetic resonance. It offers "high performance in power, efficiency, transfer distance, and design freedom," according to the company.

The charging system has a transfer distance of 50cm (around 20 inches), and users don't have to worry about misalignment and angle changes causing problems. Reasonance says integrating it into the wall or furniture won't impact the transfer efficiency, either.

Compared to other wireless solutions, Reasonance's tech is about 80 - 90 percent more cost-effective and works with TVs that use up to 120W.

The television might look like something from a 50's sci-fi show, but Reasonance has placed the receiving coil on the back panel for demonstration purposes only. The final product will have it placed inside the TV.

"There were few attempts to create a wirelessly working home devices, like TVs. Samsung was going to show a truly wireless TV at CES 2020 but they have canceled their plans. As they later clarified, the power efficiency achieved by the tech at this stage would not be enough to offer a stable source of power to the TV. With our technology the 'truly wireless TV' becomes a reality," says Anton Vishnevsky, the founder and CEO of Reasonance.

Reasonance says it is working on other prototypes, adding that the technology's flexibility---it has other applications, including e-vehicles---and cost-effectiveness make a cordless future more of a reality.